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Business Opportunity

Want to do something good for people? Wonder what can you do exactly? What’s better than providing people their basic needs.

Just like food, shelter and clothing people also need other things for survival and so as to live a good and healthy life. But due to different diseases out of which some have very high fatality rate only because those who suffered from it, couldn’t afford its medicines due to very high rates. So, what if these people could get medicines at affordable prices and lives could be saved.

At ‘SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART’ we provide franchise to those who are willing to take up good work for betterment of society.

We assure you of following things right from the beginning:

  • We have widest range of generic medicines available among all drug store.
  • We will provide right to use logo and trademark of our organisation right from the beginning.
  • We help you in market research before helping you open our branch of which you take the franchise.
  • We provide assistance at each and every stage right from setting up the store from scratch.
  • All the person that you appoint, are scrutinised by us first and their eligibility criteria is checked, so that our customers get the best possible service.
  • We offer train your staff for using computers, so that management becomes very easy.
  • Your store will be monitored regularly.
  • Business guidance and local and national marketing support is provided
  • Easy and worry-free purchasing of items to be replenished from our commissary with twice a week delivery.
  • We also provide additional free trainings on technical matters, new products, services and promotional activities.