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Franchisee Enquiry Form

Thank you very much for showing interest in our franchisee. As we are No 1 generic medicine franchisee company having more than 1400 stores across PAN INDIA.

What are the requirement for Franchisee ?

Investment - You should be able to invest 8 to 10 lakh rupees with expandable capital of Rs 3 to 4 lakh Required - 1 or 2 pharmacist Space - Minimum space of 150 sq feet ( Basement or semi basement not allowed) Location - Should be on main road of the city or market place etc. 100% Documentation & Licensing - As per FDA Guidelines
Applicant Name :*
Type Of Firm :*
State :*
District :*
City :*
Other City :
Pincode :
Email Id :*
Mobile No :*
Landline No. :
Whatsapp No for Communication :
Residential address of owner with pin code :
Date Of Birth:
Age :
Education Of Owner :*
Present Occupation Of Owner:*
Annual Income :*
Any Illegal Matters :*
Residence From :*
Marital Status :*
Distance From Nearest Existing Franchisee :
Ready To Invest 8-10 Lakhs :*
Terms & Conditions Download Franchise Agreement Form
Print it, fill it, sign it on all pages bottom side and send it back along with the documents below.
  • Rs.100/- Indemnity Bond (In The Name Of Owner, Signed At Bottom Both Sides)
  • Owner Aadhar Card Xerox Copy
  • Owner Pan Card Xerox Copy
  • Bank Details (Passbook/Cheque Xerox)
  • Owner 2 Color Photo Copies
  • E-Payment Form (Form Attached)

Terms and Conditions

  • I understand and agree that the statements in this proposal form shall be the basis of the contract between me and Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd..
  • I further declare that the statements in this proposal are true and I have disclosed all information which might be material to the Company. I declare that I have read the sales literature of the proposed shop and understood the terms and conditions associated risks and benefits which I propose to take.
  • I declare that the amount paid have not been generated from the proceeds of any criminal activities/ offences and I shall abide by and conform to the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 or any other applicable laws.
  • I declare that the Company has disclosed and explained all the information related to shop and I declare that I have understood the same before signing this proposal form.
  • I hereby authorize the Company to conduct screening/confirmation/ reconfirmation of overall status of the shop owner if required.
  • I also hereby agree and authorized the Company to access my data maintained by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for KYC verification and other eKYC services purpose.
  • I herewith declare that I have understood & read all your term, condition & FAQ of agreement as well as I am aware that the franchisee fee is non refundable in any case. I am willing to purchase franchisee accordingly. kindly prepare agreement per details mentioned above.
  • I herewith declare that I do not have any criminal background as well as there were no civil judicial cases pending/running against me.
  • I here by understood & confirmed that, before agreement proces or before shop opening if the franchisee do not want to continue in such a case 60% amount plus GST amount will get deducted & the remaining amount will be refunded.

I have understood all above points which are already present in agreement.

Terms & Conditions accepted will be considered as “Signature”.

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