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Our vision is to be the leading national chain of drugstore offering quality and affordable generic medicines with superior customer service, complemented by a strong sense of social purpose.

Our mission is to open 25000+ stores across India. Developing 80 warehouses. Reaching 10 Cror people across India.

People have a misconception that generic medicines might be of low standards, but we at SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE are here to educate people, more about generic medicine and how they are exactly same as a branded medicine and that there is no difference in quality. We are also coming up with ‘Corporate Pharmacy Department’ which will screen and select products and make sure that medicines that we sell, are manufactured by reputable and reliable manufacturers. In our stores we also provide branded medicines, medical supplies, generic and consumer goods.

We ensure that our customers are served efficiently and correctly and that customer satisfaction is our motto. Along with providing medicines at low cost we also provide additional services like free blood pressure monitoring and blood sugar testing (FBS/RBS) will be offered at very little cost soon.