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About Us

Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd.

Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. is at the top of Generic Medicine stores, PAN INDIA with ISO 9001:2015. We are engaged in appointing franchisee of Generic Medicine shops all over India. We have one of the best franchise network in India under the name of Swast Aushadhi Seva / Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. various states. Millions of satisfied customers are taking benefit from our vast franchise base..

The aim is to open more than 25000 stores across India and give the best possible service to people.

Our Pharmacy Department is constantly helping the store personnel in honing their technical knowledge and skills. We are planning to give ongoing value-added services such as patient counselling, affordable fasting blood sugar test, free BP monitoring and do community outreach activities, such as Free Medical Consultations. We offer delivery service for the convenience of our valued customers. We have a state-of-the-art Point of Sale system, exclusively developed for Swast Aushadhi Seva / Genericart Medicines Store, to provide our customers with efficient service and accurate drug information.

With over Experience of 10 years in Sales and Marketing, Mr. Shripad Kolhatkar and Mr. Salim Sayyed started Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. with support of Mr. Anil Kilore who brought in their attention the very sad reality where people are unable to afford their medication due to high costs of medicines.

What lies in our Future?

Apart from being a multi-awarded drugstore, Swast Aushadhi Seva / Genericart Medicine Store will also introduce innovations at the store for its customers.

he company has launched a mobile application and loyalty programme which aims to provide special perks and privileges to its clients. With no constraints of following traditional ways of doing business, Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. has continued to innovate further in collaboration with other companies and institutions. Swast Aushadhi Seva / Genericart Medicine Store targeting all segments.

This service allows individuals to open a personal savings account at accredited Genericart Medicines Store outlets, as well as perform cash-in and cash-out transactions.
Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. has decided to establish its own store and franchise across INDIA / PAN INDIA. Aiming to open 25000 outlets by 2031.

Job / Business Opportunities with Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd.

Company has generated 10,000+ employment through the franchise model directly or indirectly. In the coming year the company is planning to establish its own stores across INDIA / PAN INDIA. We invite experienced people from sales to boost our business. We have more than 2000 openings for District level business profiles and we require more than 1000 pharmacists from different states.

You can click the link and apply for the positions here…

Franchise Model

FOFO (Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated) - This is the best model where the entire setup, investment and management is done by the shop owner. Required Trainings, softwares, systems, support will be provided by the company. As well as the company will provide on field support for shop owners. Genericart is having biggest FOFO franchise base PAN INDIA.

We have a different franchise model with us,
COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) - If you have a space and want to start business with us. Here company will establish all the shops on their own and will make you a partner in business.

Strong pillars of Genericart

Biggest Product Range Online Pharmacy & Healthcare Platform
Software Support Strong Software System with Support
Periodic Training Periodic Training for every Franchise Owner