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Myth : Generic medicines take longer to act in the body

Fact : The firm selling generic medicines should educate people that generic medicine consists of same component and takes same time as any other branded medicines.

Myth : Generics are not as potent as brand-name drugs.

Fact : FDA requires generics to have the same quality, strength, purity, and stability as brand-name drugs.

Myth : Generics are not as safe as brand-name drugs.

Fact : FDA requires that all drugs be safe and effective and that their benefits outweigh their risks. Since generics have same active ingredients and are shown to work the same way in the body, they have the same risk-benefit as their brand-name counterparts.

Myth : Generic drugs are likely to cause side effects

Fact : FDA closely monitors for adverse drug reaction and no such side effect has been found for generic medicine.

Myth : Generic drugs are sold Loose

Fact : It is not true. Generic Drugs are packed properly and due care taken in storing and distribution of medicines.

Myth : Generic drug is not good as they are low priced

Fact : Generic drugs are only low priced because they did not bare the expense of developing and marketing a new drug. This saves huge cost but the process and components of make the drug is same for generic and branded.

Do you have available locations ?

We use brokers, spotters, and even our own employees to look for new locations. We give Rs.5000 to any person who refers to us a site which we eventually approve. Should you have a good location which you can't hold for long, immediately contact our franchising department so that the site can be subject to a market study. While we conduct the market study, you should also do due diligence to conduct your own study of the site.
Remember: finding the right location is key but its difficult. The final decision regarding the location is yours.

Do you do Market Study as Franchisor ?

Yes, we pride ourselves in being able to conduct a market study for all locations which are referred to us. Unlike other franchisors, we don't approve sites without first conducting the market study to establish the sales potential of that particular site. This market study is conducted on-site by an employee of Business Development, and not just based on photos or pictures.

How long do you take to process the market study and evaluation of a site ?

If during the ocular inspection we feel that the site is not feasible, we will immediately inform you. If the site shows positive prospects, the market study takes a few days. During this time, we make sure that the lesser is holding the site for us (to be coordinated between Franchisor, Franchisee and lesser), and if necessary, earnest money is given to the lesser. After the market study, we conduct a "deliberation meeting" at our head office, during which we present the site and discuss its strong and weak points. The franchisee or franchise Applicant who will be managing the site - if their franchise application is successful - is invited to join this meeting so that he or she can give his comments /observations, and also witness first-hand our reactions to the market study.

What is the Franchisee's or Inquiry's responsibility regarding site assessment ?

First, a disclaimer: our market study of a particular location is based on information obtained or provided to us from a number of sources. Remember, people sometimes make mistakes, omit important details, or aren't aware of all the issues that could affect the viability of a store location. Therefore, it is better to investigate, confirm, and make your own evaluation of a site. Don't rely on our judgment alone. Our report is not meant to be an exhaustive study of all locations in the areas that you prefer. You may have questions or knowledge about relevant matters which we don't cover in our site assessment.

Second, we cannot predict new developments that could dramatically change the value of a location either favourably or unfavourably. For example, a new commercial mall could boost pedestrian count. On the other hand, transfer of car parking and tricycle terminals elsewhere could cut the number of people passing in front of the store. Finally, you, as Franchisee, are responsible for making the decision on the choice of location, and negotiating the rent and other terms and conditions of the contract. Our report, comments and recommendations are presented only as an additional reference and help.

What is the required store size ?

We require 120 sq feet to 250 sq feet, 10 to 15 foots is usually ideal and will accommodate the customer area, equipment such as 3 sets of computers, refrigerator, compounding area, shelves, counters and cashier tables, as well as storage for the stocks. Preferably, the sites should also have a comfort room, but it is not an absolute necessity.

Sometimes the location has strong potential but the available space is too large, e.g. up to 60 sqm. In such cases, we recommend that you don't renovate more space than what is needed (30 sqm usually) to keep the costs down (investment and operating expenses like air conditioning). You can decide if the excess space can be converted for another purpose, such as an office, a medical clinic, or even sublease it (if the lesser allows).

What are the other requirements of location ?

Locations should be ground floor, located along a main street, preferably at a corner intersection, and highly visible outside with no major obstruction to access. There should be dense residential areas nearby, and good pedestrian traffic counts. Ideal locations are near landmarks, like markets/commercial areas, jeep or tricycle terminals- these are located strategically where many people pass. Presence of nearby hospitals or clinics is an advantage but not required.

Is it good to locate near other leading drugstore ?

Our experience shows that proximity to other leading drugstore can work as an advantage, but it is not required. We can either be located next to other drugstore, including the major chains (this is often an indication that there is a sizeable market for medicines), or we can be located in areas where no major competitors are sighted. In any case, it is the market study that will establish whether the site is feasible for us.

How much is the investment cost to put up a Genericart store ?

It may be between 8L to 10L.

Franchise Package

For franchisee package please contact to GenericartMedicines's Admin.

What is included in the Franchise Package ?

Basically, we guide you to prepare the launch of your store and we teach you how to manage it. We offer comprehensive support, unlike many franchisors. Our support of our franchisors distinguishes us from other franchises in the industry.

Can the overall investment be reduced if I put up a store near my existing store ?


What makes Swast Aushadhi Seva Generic Medicine Store Genericart's franchise unique ?

SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART is the QUALITY GENERIC DRUGSTORE, compared to small and low-end drugstore carrying only generic medicines. Genericart sells generic medicines at very affordable prices, but will not compromise by lowering our operational standards. SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART, from the very beginning, has opted for a quality business model. This is why all our STORE are air-conditioned, our operations are computerized, and we offer very professional customer service.

We carry the largest range of generic medicines, in line with our vision and mission to offer quality and affordable generic medicines to as many communities as possible. Because all our purchasing is centralized, and because all generic medicines carried are FDA approved and have also passed the screening of our Corporate Pharma Department, we are able to maintain the quality of the items which we sell across our network of branches. Besides medicines, we carry selected branded medicines and selected consumer goods such as infant powdered milk, distilled water and diapers. This is to offer more items for sale to our customers.

Our operations are fully computerized. We operate with state-of-the-art technology: we have designed our own point of sale system and we constantly improve it. All STORE are linked to our central head office and warehouse. Because of this, we require 2 to 3 computers per store and related peripherals as part of our regular franchise package.

How long is the franchise contract ?

The franchise contract is good for 5 years. It can be renewed. SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART's franchisees are its long-term business partners and investors. With other franchisors operating in various industries, occasionally after the franchise period, the Franchisor tries to reacquire the good sites and operate them. This is not our business philosophy. We want our Franchisees to continue operating long-term, as long as they comply with our standards and have shown their capacity to manage the store well.

Can I sell my franchise ?

You must inform SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART of your intention to sell. We have to evaluate the interested party and make sure that he/she is qualified to take over the existing franchisee. While the transaction is essentially between the buyer and the seller, we ensure that the buyer is aware of the current operational and financial performance of the store. In such situations, we share the procedures that apply for such transactions. These procedures must be followed both by the buyer and the seller.