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Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd.

Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd. is at the top of Generic Medicine stores, PAN INDIA with ISO 9001:2015. We have a plan to provide generic medicines to 10 cror people by 2030.
We are engaged in appointing franchisee of Generic Medicine shops all over India. We have one of the best franchise networks in India under the name of Genericart Medicine store, Wahi Kam Sahi Dam.
Millions of satisfied customers are taking benefit from our vast franchise base..
The aim is to open more than 25000 stores across India and give the best possible service to people..

Vision Every franchise owner connected with us should earn 25 lakh per year is the vision of Genericart. Our vision is to be the leading national chain of drugstore offering quality and affordable generic medicines with superior customer service, complemented by a strong sense of social purpose. People have a misconception that generic medicines might be of low standards, but we at Genericart Medicine Store here to educate people, more about generic medicine and how they are exactly same as a branded medicine and that there is no difference in quality. We ensure that our customers are served efficiently and correctly and that customer satisfaction is our motto. Along with providing medicines at low cost we also provide additional services like free blood pressure monitoring and blood sugar testing (FBS/RBS) will be offered at very little cost very soon. Mission

In India at present 45% people taking monthly medicine out of which we are planning to reach10 Cror people by 2030. Our mission is to open 25000+ stores across India. Developing 80 plus warehouses and 10 lakh plus online business partners across INDIA.

Our Pharmacy Department is constantly helping the store personnel in honing their technical knowledge and skills. We are planning to give ongoing value-added services such as patient counselling, affordable fasting blood sugar test, free BP monitoring and do community outreach activities, such as Free Medical Consultations. We offer delivery service for the convenience of our valued customers. We have a state-of-the-art Point of Sale system, exclusively developed for Genericart Medicine Store , to provide our customers with efficient service and accurate drug information.
With over Experience of 10 years in Sales and Marketing, Mr. Shripad Kolhatkar and Mr. Mr. Salim Sayyed started Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd. with support of Mr. Anil Kilore who brought in their attention the very sad reality where people are unable to afford their medication due to high costs of medicines.

What lies in our Future?

Apart from being a multi-awarded drugstore, Genericart Medicine Store will also introduce innovations at the store for its customers.
Company has launched a mobile application and loyalty programme which aims to provide special perks and privileges to its clients. With no constraints of following traditional ways of doing business, Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd. has continued to innovate further in collaboration with other companies and institutions.(Download the app here)
Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd. has decided to establish its own store and franchise across INDIA / PAN INDIA. Aiming to open 25000 outlets by 2031.

Job / Business Opportunities with
Genericart Medicine Pvt. Ltd.

Company has generated 10,000+ employment through the franchise model directly or indirectly. In the coming year the company is planning to establish its own stores across INDIA / PAN INDIA. We invite experienced people from sales to boost our business. We have more than 2000 openings for District level business profiles and we require more than 1000 pharmacists from different states.
You can click the link and apply for the positions here…

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Franchaise Model

Shop Franchisee: -
This is the best model where the entire setup, investment and management is done by the shop owner. Required Trainings, software, systems, support will be provided by the company. As well as the company will provide on field support for shop owners. Genericart is having biggest FOFO franchise base PAN INDIA.
Genericart and Generical the medicine Mall Franchise: -
This is a unique business model where shops has been established in 1000 sq feet. Where we provide general item with generic medicine. This is a mall concept and we suggest to keep this open for 24X7 For more details click here..
Online Business Parter (Virtual Franchise Model)-
This business for those people who are having good social contacts and those who are having their big natural market. This franchise does not require any shop, inventory etc. For more details please click here..

Strong Pillars of Genericart
Biggest Product Range

We have biggest product range of more than 27000 plus products. We have 500 plus own content base products from GMP and WHO GMP manufacturing units.

Software Support

Company has developed own software system for better control over all business. We have independent POS system named Genericart Wings. Warehouse management System is the best backend software which is taking care of warehouse system. Genericart has developed Four different mobile applications Genericart Medicine for customers Genericart business partner application for business development team. Genericart Generic Mitra application for generic Mitra business which are associated with shops. Genericart online business partner application virtual franchise.

Strong Training - Backbone of Genericart

We have developed strong training team to deliver various training models for franchise owners, pharmacist, virtual partners, District franchise owners, zonal franchise owners and state partners.