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Management Team

Mr. Shripad M. Kolhatkar - Director, Genericart Medicine
Mr. Shripad M. Kolhatkar Director Contact : +91 9011056551 Email : shripadkolhatkar@genericartmedicine.com
Mr. Salim Sayyad - Director, Genericart Medicine
Mr. Salim Sayyad Director Contact : +91 7304412345 Email : salimsayyed@genericartmedicine.com
MR. SANTOSH SHEDGE - State Head For Maharashtra
MR. SANTOSH SHEDGE State Head For Maharashtra Contact : +91 9325601000 Email : hosfmahagenericart@gmail.com
MR. SUHAS PATIL - State Head For Karnataka
MR. SUHAS PATIL State Head For Karnataka Contact : +91 8788505115 Email : sairajb5@gmail.com

Genericart Medicine

Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. is a PAN India’s No. 1 company with ISO 9001:2015 recognition with a leading drug store chain of Generic Medicines in India .We are engaged in appointing franchisee of Generic Medicine shops all over India. Currently company is having more than 700 registered shops naming SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA in Maharashtra as well as in Karnataka and in Kerala. Out of them 450 are successfully running. More than 30 lakh satisfied customers are taking benefit from our shops. Our mission is to open more than 25000 shops all PAN INDIA

Our Pharmacy Department is constantly enhancing the technical knowledge and skills of our store personnel. We are planning to give ongoing value-added services such as patient counselling, affordable fasting blood sugar test, and free BP monitoring and do communities outreach activities, such as Free Medical Consultations. We offer a Delivery Service for the convenience of our valued customers. We have a state-of-the-art Point of Sale system, exclusively developed for SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART Drugstore, to provide our customers with efficient service and accurate drug information.

Our STORE will be air conditioned for the convenience and comfort of our customers. We solicit and value Customer Feedback and use it to upgrade our products and services. SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART Drugstore was established in July 2015 to address the need for quality and affordable medicines, and promote the use of generic drugs in the context of high prices of medicines in the country.

When Mr. Salim Sayyed and Mr. Shripad Kolhatkar were approaching Resign after working for more than 10 years with the Sales and Marketing, they were planning to venture Pharma Industries. Their decision took a sudden turn when Mr. Anil Kilore who is close associate in a NGO, brought up the sad plight of many Indians who cannot afford to complete their medication due to the prohibitive cost of branded medicines.

Future Planning

Our Focus is on your Future

Aside from being a multi-awarded drugstore, SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART will also introduced innovations at the store for its customers. The company will launch its loyalty card called Genericart, which aims to provide special perks and privileges to its cardholders. With no constraints of following traditional ways of doing business, Genericart has continued to innovate further in collaboration with other companies and institutions. SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA GENERIC MEDICINE STORE GENERICART targeting the low income segment. This service allows individuals to open a personal savings account at accredited GENERICART outlets, as well as perform cash-in and cash-out transactions. GENERICART has also Planning to start the first drugstore in the country to load prepaid mobile phones via Point-of-Sale (POS) technology when it started offering I-Load – a proprietary mobile reloading service in partnership with the country’s three major telecommunications network. We have target to expand our business PAN INDIA. We have a dream to open minimum 50 plus shop in each and every district of India to facilitate needy people.

Social Responsibilities

Our Focus is on your Future

Our first priority is to provide quality Generic Medicines in affordable cost which will secure the future of our customer. Customer satisfaction is the major social cause behind our business. In these days of dearness, common man cannot afford branded medicines because of their higher cost. Sometimes it may causes to the death of patients.

Our first Moto is to secure life by providing Generic Medicines which will be 30 to 70% less than branded prices.